Welcome to the Club Penguin Air Force WikiEdit


The Logo at the official CP Air Force Xat Chat Room

Welcome to the Wiki of the Air Force of Club Penguin (AFCP). The AFCP was created by Seer2345 A.K.A. Zeer. Along with Zeer, you have Mkll2, and Reeces2011, the founders of the AFCP.

Just like all Club Penguin armies, the AFCP died when Club Penguin got closed, but here is some information about it:

The AFCP, in its 3rd Generation, achieved what we call a "Golden Age." A Golden Age is when the army is doing so well, that it doesn't have any conflicts with other armies, and just constantly keeps growing. The AFCP achieved 7th on the CPAC Top Ten in November 2012, while getting sizes of 15 and above. The AFCP have gone to war with armies such as the UMA, NS, and many more. The chat is no longer active, but for those that would want it for some reason:

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