The Air Force of Clubpenguin is a clubpenguin army which keeps Air Force Safe! It helps protect the clubpenguin island from evil! Here is the chat link:

If you go there the owners of air force Seer2345 the Epic and Pine Needle (LILY) will tell you the website link and you can join us protect clubpenguin what is ours! Its more fun than you think! Did you know that this army is the quickest to promote? So that means you get moderatorSeer2345theEpic 02:23, September 1, 2011 (UTC)ven owner quicker than you do in any other army! We need you to let Air Force Grow! Hope you come! Who knows you might get days or xats....

~AFCP 1ic's

Air force penguy 1
and own'ers
Custom penguy 3
Custom penguy 2
4th custom penguy